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Yiannis Exarchos, Chief Executive Officer

Yiannis Exarchos was named CEO of Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS), the permanent Host Broadcast organisation created by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), following the London 2012 Olympic Games. Specialising in the management of global sport events, he has served as a top executive for all Olympic Host Broadcasters since Athens 2004. His background in radio, television, music and film brings a comprehensive perspective to the planning and management of major events. His in-depth media experience and leadership have earned him numerous recognitions, including various Emmy Awards and the Great Wall Friendship Award, in acknowledgment of his contribution to Beijing’s progress and development.


Hank Levine, Chief Financial Officer

Senior executive overseeing all financial, accounting, budgeting, banking, legal, taxation, risk management and administrative functions of the company, Hank Levine has served on the Board of Directors of several of the OBS operating subsidiaries. He is responsible for financial reporting and coordinating risk management between OBS and the IOC. In addition, Hank is responsible for the OBS external audit, internal controls, compliance, and tax strategy. Hank works with all the OCOG’s and Host City governments in setting up the necessary legal structures for OBS to operate at the Host City level. Hank led the negotiations for many of the Host Broadcaster operating agreements with the OCOG’s and leads the setup of all subsidiary activities in the Host Cities. He also is responsible for closing down all legal entities in the Host Cities and manages the high-level corporate litigation for personnel and commercial issues. Hank was one of the founding employees of OBS and, as such, assisted in developing the strategy and start-up memos regarding entity structure, tax structure, hiring of key personnel and creation of the corporate infrastructure. Hank has more than 30 years’ experience in the financial and administrative areas for various industries such as cable television, financial information services and manufacturing. Hank has worked on every Olympic Games since Barcelona in 1992 and on many other major international sport events.


Mark Wallace, Chief Content Officer

As CCO, Mark Wallace is responsible for the design and delivery of the multilateral production plan for all OBS operations. In this role, Mark oversees the organisation´s broadcast coverage at all of the competition venues, the Ceremonies, as well as the development of pre-Games and in-Games material and features. Mark also oversees on-screen graphics, archives, as well as the ever expanding Multi-channel Distribution Service (MDS) and the Olympic Video Player (OVP). With over 25 years’ experience of broadcast television, Mark has specialised in the executive planning and management of major sport events including two Olympic Games, the UEFA European Football Championships and the IRB Rugby World Cup.


Sotiris Salamouris, Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Sotiris Salamouris oversees all of OBS´s technical operations, including managing the planning group responsible for the design & delivery of all the technical facilities and services of the host broadcasting operations for the Olympic Games and other select broadcast activities. In this position, Sotiris has been managing an international team of broadcast engineers and operational personnel that has planned and operated the broadcast technical facilities for the past three Olympic and Paralympic Games (Vancouver 2010, London 2012, Sochi 2014), as well as the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore (2010) and Innsbruck (2012). Prior to joining OBS in Madrid, Sotiris worked as the Head of Engineering at Beijing Olympic Broadcasting, the host broadcaster of the 2008 Olympic Games, which was a joint venture between OBS and the Chinese Organising Committee. Previously, he served as the Director of Broadcast Telecommunications for the host broadcaster for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.


Stefanos Kourelas, Chief Financial Officer

Stefanos Kourelas directs the area of Operations, Finance and Administration, which comprises the preparation, analysis, execution and monitoring of the budget for each Games edition. He also organises the tender process for key contracts, leads the negotiation of all vendor contracts and the monitoring of their implementation, and oversees all Games-related payments and administration matters. Stefanos has been working with the Olympic Games Host Broadcaster for more than 13 years, starting with Athens Olympic Broadcasting in 2001, as Head of Finance. He worked in Beijing for four years during the Beijing 2008 Games with Beijing Olympic Broadcasting in the same capacity, before moving to Madrid in January 2009 where he joined OBS. Prior to his Olympic career, he was the Chief Dealer on the Spot and Derivatives desk of Piraeus Bank Treasury Department, Greece´s largest private Bank, and also served as a Stock Trader in Athens Stock Exchange. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Polytechnic School in Greece and an MBA from UMass Boston.


Aris Nikoloudis, Head of Broadcast Operations and Planning

A veteran of various broadcast mediums, Aris Nikoloudis leads the department which is the official channel of communication with every Organising Committee (OCOG), ensuring the various facilities and services requested by OBS and the RHBs are delivered on time and as requested. His team is responsible for integrating and managing the various broadcast requirements and operations required for each competition venue as well as the International Broadcast Centre (IBC)/Mountain Broadcast Cente (MBC). The Planning Department’s counterpart within each Organising Committee is the Broadcast Integration Department, which is also the OCOG´s main channel of communication with OBS. Aris has been working with the Olympic Games Host Broadcaster for more than 10 years, starting with Athens Olympic Broadcasting in 2004 where he served as the Broadcast Venue Manager for Panathinaiko Stadium (Archery, Marathon Finish). Prior to joining OBS, Aris worked for nearly 30 years as a Production Manager and 1st Assistant Director in Feature Films, TV Series and Advertising.


Jorge Pickering Carvajal, Head of Broadcaster Services

Born in Mexico, Jorge Pickering is an electronic engineer who has played a key role in the last 11 Olympic Games. He currently serves as OBS´s main point of contact and service provider for the global Rights Holding Broadcasters (RHBs). His team is responsible for overseeing the booking of all IBC and broadcast venue facilities and services before and during the Games. A member of the OBS team since 2009, Jorge makes sure that new services are continually developed and offered to RHBs through the adoption of new technologies. Creative operational practices are adopted under his leadership to make better use of resources for broadcasters and the overall Olympic Movement. Prior to joining OBS, Jorge has been involved in Olympic Broadcasting since 1980 working for the two main TV Networks in Mexico. He worked with Televisa until 1995 and then for TV Azteca until 2009. In both organisations, Jorge was involved in the planning and transmission of major news and sports events. In 2000 he was appointed Director of Production Services, being responsible for managing the entire broadcast operations in TV Azteca.


Raquel Rozados, Deputy Director of Broadcaster Services

In her role as Deputy Head of Broadcaster Services, Raquel Rozados is assisting Jorge Pickering with the managing of all bookings and requests placed by Rights Holding Broadcasters before and during the Games with special emphasis in ensuring the quality of the technical aspects. During Games-time Raquel and the Broadcaster Services team manage the Booking Office. Raquel has been working with the Olympic Games Host Broadcaster for the past six Olympic and Paralympic Games and Singapore Youth Olympic Games serving as Manager of Broadcast Telecommunications Systems before being appointed to her current role. Her background in broadcast and telecommunication systems brings a valuable perspective to understanding both the operational and technical needs of the broadcasters. Prior to her Olympic career, Raquel worked for Sony Broadcast Europe and Formula One Administration. She holds a Telecommunications Engineering degree from Polytechnic University in Madrid and an MBA from Instituto de Empresa, also in Madrid.


Juan Canadell, Head of HR and Crewing

Juan Canadell has been responsible for the staffing of the Games´ broadcasting operations since the Beijing 2008 Games. Together with his team, he is responsible for the workforce planning for each operation, hiring all the freelance personnel and delivering the Broadcast Training Program, which introduces students at the Olympic Host cities to the world of Olympic broadcasting and offers them the opportunity to work as broadcast professionals at the Games alongside the best in the industry. Additionally, Juan also looks after all of the Human Resources needs of the OBS central team, which brings together top professionals from more than 30 different nationalities. Originally a Telecommunications Engineer, before joining OBS, Juan worked for more than 17 years in Fortune 500 companies building international teams.


Matthew Mason, Head of Information

As the Head of Information, Matt Mason and his team are responsible for providing broadcasters with a variety of Games-related information leading up to and during the Games. This is done through a variety of multimedia services including the OBS website, the OBS Video Library and various broadcast publications designed to properly explain the OBS production, technical and operation plans for each Olympic Games. He is also responsible for overseeing the 24-hour Games-time Olympic News Channel. The Sochi Games marked his ninth Olympic Games working with the Host Broadcaster, his fourth in his current role. His Olympic career dates back to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games where he first served as Manager of Publications for the Host Broadcaster, Atlanta Olympic Broadcasting. Prior to his Olympic career, Matt spent timing time working for Coca-Cola in Atlanta as a Senior Marketing Editor and at Host Communications in Lexington, Kentucky as an Associate Editor.


Maria Golfinopoulou, Head of Institutional Relations and Events

As the Head of Institutional Relations and Events, Maria Golfinopoulou is responsible for organising all OBS events (World Broadcaster Briefings/Meetings, meetings with Federations, NOCs, etc.). Her team is also responsible for venue surveys and the proper allocation and management of various facilities and services for broadcasters at the venues. During Games-time, Maria and her team manage the Guest Pass Office, the Information Counter, the Daily Briefing Room and the development and placement of the Look inside the IBC/MBC. Prior to joining OBS in Madrid, Maria served as the Deputy Director of Information and Broadcast Relations for Beijing Olympic Broadcasting. Maria has worked for multiple Olympic Games, with the 2004 Athens Olympic & Paralympic Games serving as her first Games experience, where she was the Manager of Broadcast Relations. Prior to this, Maria worked for the Thessaloniki International Film Festival as a Programme and Events Manager, at Channel Seven X, as programme coordinator and at International Royalties S.A as royalties coordinator for foreign books, Disney products and cartoons.


Alessandro Spegno, Director of Support Services and Logistics

Alessandro Spegno manages the different logistics requirements for OBS personnel leading up to and during the Games. This includes overseeing the functional areas of Transport, Accommodation, Accreditation, Logistics and Uniforms for OBS personnel and working closely with the corresponding departments within the Organising Committee to ensure these services are delivered properly to OBS and the RHBs. He has been responsible for different Logistics related areas for the Host Broadcaster during the last six Olympic Games, starting as Transport Manager in Torino to become OBS Support Services and Logistics Director, his current position. He has been involved in different organisational areas for major worldwide Corporate and Marketing events prior to his work with the Host Broadcasters for the Games.


Jose Acosta, Director of Corporate Finance

In his role as OBS Director of Corporate Finance, Jose Acosta is in charge of the general accounting and administration of OBS, as well as for the compliance with local and statutory regulations and taxation procedures. He also reports to the IOC OBS financial activity for consolidation. In addition, Jose manages the Asset Management Team that provides the company with internal controls and inventory processes for the protection of the assets. Jose joined OBS in 2005 and had his first Olympic experience in Torino 2006. His previous experience has always been in the Financial area, as Accounting Manager, Financial Controller or Financial Director in multinational companies from different sectors, retail, travel & entertainment and the equipment rental industry, companies such as First Choice Holidays, Seagram and Hertz.


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